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Uses of washing soda

Washing soda

(What is washing soda?)The chemical name for washing soda is Na 2 CO 3, which is formed naturally in dry areas. It is found in sediments at the sites where the lakes evaporated. The United States, China, Botswana, Uganda, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, India, Egypt, South Africa, and Turkey.


(What is washing soda?) Washing soda is also known as sodium carbonate and is white in color and easy to dissolve in water. It is found in places that are dry and also in the form of sediments on the bottom of the lakes. (What is washing soda?) It is known in many countries and has important uses in life.

Benefits of washing soda

  • It has many benefits, it is very useful for the hair to fight the wrinkles controlling the hair significantly when using sodium carbonate on the hair, but we must use with another oil called tea oil where they make the hair better together and should be left on the hair for about an hour and then we wash it to find the effective result On the hair.
  • Sodium carbonate can be used only without adding it with anything else. It protects the hair from drying when applied in quantities on the hair and leave it for a few minutes and then wash it with water.
  • When applied to the hair we will not find any unpleasant smell in the hair, where unpleasant odors appear as a result of washing hair and linking it shows an unpleasant odor and sodium carbonate to eliminate them permanently.
  • It has effective results to eliminate acne when mixed with water to be a dough can be applied to the face and after an hour after we wash it with water and clean the face and we will see effective results when maintaining it.
  • In addition, it gives the skin beauty and freshness effectively when used with rose water. It also has many benefits for the skin. When mixed together we get a special mask for the skin works on its freshness. This mask lasts for only minutes and then washed well with water and will notice the freshness of the skin from the first use.
  • It completely eliminates the presence of cancer and attacks any cancer cells in the body.

Uses of washing soda

Laundry soda has many uses, including:

  • Washing soda is mainly used to remove difficult stains from washing. It is an essential ingredient in most laundry detergents. Soda can be dissolved in water to remove stains, such as grease, blood, tea, and coffee.
  • It removes the accumulated fat from utensils, oven racks, pans, tea stains, and coffee from ceramic and plastic.
  • Used for cleaning baths and for cleaning hard surfaces in the house, by mixing half a cup of washing soda to about three and a half liters of warm water, and to drain the drains pour one cup of washing soda in place of the blockage, then pour two to three glasses of boiling water in Leave the soda for 30 minutes, then open the water flow as usual, and the process can be repeated as needed.
  • Clean the furniture outdoors.
  • Enter into the manufacture of glass, chemicals, paper, and many other products.

Can washing soda be made from baking soda?

(What is washing soda?) Washing soda can be made from baking soda with ease. It can be made at home at the lowest cost, and in a very simple way, it is possible to have a large amount of baking soda through which we manufacture laundry soda by placing the right amount of baking soda. In a bowl, and then put it in the oven at a temperature of up to 400 degrees and we will see the transformation of baking soda into washing soda in an easy and fast way as much as we need.

But how was this conversion?

This conversion is done when the baking soda is heated in the oven using high temperatures. This helps to react with carbon dioxide and water vapor. When reacting to them, a shift to washing soda is made. This is how we can convert baking soda to washing soda without having to buy it. You want it no matter what, the coolest process is that when you have baking soda in the amount you do not need, you can easily turn it into washing soda that is absolutely indispensable, especially in large-scale cleaning operations.

How do we differentiate them in this transformative process?

It is easy to distinguish between them. They are quite different in taste and shape as well. We will find that baking soda looks like powders, but washing soda is grainy as well as washing soda appears shiny in contrast to baking soda, and baking soda is not separate. Never like washing soda.

WARNINGS Use laundry soda

MedlinePlus suggests that the symptoms of washing soda poisoning can be very severe. It can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and difficulty swallowing. When ingested, a person is prevented from vomiting because it contains a caustic substance and should be transferred for treatment. Immediately, with the possibility of using small amounts in food.

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