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What is the theory of relativity?

Theory of Relativity


Theory of relativity

For three decades, Newton’s three laws of motion had been taken for granted until Einstein published in 1905 a paper questioning the accuracy of these laws, which are now known as special relativity, and then followed by general relativity, which touched on the subject of gravity and proved Inadequate understanding of it, which relied mainly on Newton’s law of gravity.

The special theory of relativity

The theory of special relativity contained two basic hypotheses, the first of which states that the laws of physics are variable and relative depending on the situation or context. Einstein reached this belief by observing static and moving objects at constant speeds. For example, when observing an object attached to a moving train, the person standing outside The train sees that the object travels from one location to another at a certain speed, but if a person on the same train looks at it, it will not recognize the movement of the body, and will see it static. Special relativity theory; and stressed that the speed of light constant, even with reference different context.

General theory

Einstein published the theory of general relativity in 1916. The importance of this theory is that it linked the time, gravity, space, and acceleration. Einstein was able to explain this theory many cosmic phenomena that have been perplexing for centuries, as predicted by the existence of black holes, and This theory took seven years of work to reach completion and depth.

Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein was born in Germany, specifically in the city of Ulm in 1879, and later moved to Switzerland, and obtained citizenship, and there was a marriage and was appointed teacher of physics and mathematics, and then left Einstein teaching to work in the Swiss Patent Office, which was credited with his involvement He is direct and in-depth in the field of theoretical physics and has published many papers on theories, including the theory of relativity. Einstein was promoted to the career ladder.

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2 comments on “What is the theory of relativity?

  1. SRT is completely erroneous since it is based on the wrong kind of transformations: they have lost the scale factor characterizing the Doppler effect. First, Lorentz considered a more general form of transformations (with a scale factor), but then he, and also Poincare and Einstein equated it 1 without proper grounds. Their form was artificially narrowed, the formulas became incorrect. This led to a logical contradiction of the theory, to unsolvable paradoxes. Accordingly, GRT is also incorrect.
    For more details, see my brochure “Memoir on the Theory of Relativity and Unified Field Theory” (2000)

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