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Sodium chloride with uses

definition of sodium chloride with formula and uses

what is sodium chloride


Sodium chloride is the chemical name for salt, which regulates the amount of water in the body and plays a vital role in controlling nerve impulses and muscle cramps. It can be used to treat or prevent loss of sodium caused by dehydration, excessive sweating, and has many other purposes.

It is an ionic compound, consisting of an equal number of positively charged sodium atoms, and negatively charged chloride ions. When this compound dissolves in water, the ions move freely. Soluble, or slightly dissolved in most other liquids, sodium chloride is small, transparent or white crystals, odorless, but has a distinctive taste.

The formula of sodium chloride

Formula: NaCl
Molar mass: 58.44 g/mol
Melting point: 801 °C
IUPAC ID: Sodium chloride
Boiling point: 1,465 °C
Did you know: It is in the ocean (sea salt) and in the ground (rock salt).

Uses of NaCl in medicine

It is used in many medical fields, including:

  • Sodium chloride injection

is injected to make sure that the drug in the catheter tubes or in the veins has been flowing and no traces of it remain.

  • Cleaning the wounds

Used to wash and rinse the area in order to keep it clean.

Used to relieve congestion, reduce runny nose, and keep the nasal cavity moist.

  • Inhalation of NaCl

It helps to form mucus so that a person can get it out with a cough.

  • Eye Drops

Used to treat redness, tearing, dry eyes.

Uses of sodium chloride in food

It is used in food as follows:

  • Marinate different foods.
  • Meat processing and preservation.
  • Make saline solutions for pickling foods.
  • Enhance the natural colors of foods.
  • Save food naturally.

Uses of NaCl for skin

sodium chloride can be used for several domestic purposes, including:

  • Prevent mold.
  • Remove stains and grease.
  • Clean pots and pans.
  • Salting roads in winter to prevent ice from forming on them.

Uses of sodium chloride for skin

Table salt is good for the skin, for example:

  • Get rid of toxins in the body, where these toxins are absorbed; you can make a paste of water, sea salt, and applied to the skin, and then left for a minute before bathing, as it helps to soften the skin and provide nutrients.
  • Salt is used as an excellent exfoliator, which can be rubbed on the skin to get rid of dead skin cells, which softens it.

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