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The formula of hydrochloric acid

there are a hydrochloric acid formula and their uses

Hydrochloric acid

Hydrochloric acid, an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride gas, a strong mineral acid, the basic component of stomach acid, as used in industry, was discovered by Jabir bin Hayyan in 800 AD, where it was used in the Middle Ages to find the philosopher’s stone.

Later many European scientists with the aim of learning the principles of modern chemistry, and then became an important chemical commodity in many applications during the period of the Industrial Revolution, where it was used in the production of many organic compounds, such as vinyl chloride, and it must be pointed out the need to deal with great caution, being A highly corrosive liquid, in this For an article, we will introduce you to it.

Hydrochloric acid formula

The hydrochloric acid formula is:


Formula: HCl
Molar mass: 36.46094 g/mol
Structure and properties: Refractive index (n), Dielectric constant (εr), etc
Boiling point: Concentration-dependent – see table
GHS hazard statements: H290, H314, H335
Melting point: Concentration-dependent – see table

Hydrochloric acid composition

It is an inorganic acid known as an acid or hydrogen cyanide brocade, and its formula is HCN, detailed to H – C º N, and its molecular weight is equivalent to 27.03 g, wherein it is synthesized by processing a mixture of ammonia gas NH 3 and methane CH 4 in a manner It is oxidative and can be prepared in the laboratory by treating sodium cyanide NaCN, or potassium cyanurate K 4 Fe (CN) 6 with acid.

Hydrochloric acid may be a gas or liquid, characterized by a smell of very low acidity in both cases, while the density of a gas differs from its density of a liquid, equal to 0.941 in the gaseous state, equal to 0.687 in the liquid state, while its melting point is -13.4 It has a solubility in water and in alkaline solutions and is usually stored in tightly sealed brown bottles in a cool place. 


  • Used in the form of compressed liquid in cylinders, and in the form of gas when it escapes, where it is fatal to insects and rodents in marine boats and is used in the form of a solution in water to spray fruit trees, to combat agricultural insects.
  • It is used as a feedstock in the preparation of many organic and inorganic compounds, as well as in organic synthesis, and in the chemical analytical field.
  • Used in the manufacture of plastic, rubber.
  • It is used in the regeneration of resin ion exchangers by activating resin.
  • Used to remove rust from iron.
  • It is used in the production of organic compounds, such as vinyl chloride, ethane, in addition to its use in the manufacture of many pharmaceuticals such as ascorbic acid.
  • Used in the production of inorganic compounds.
  • Used in pH regulation of solutions.

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