Van der Waals forces

Van der Waals forces

Van der Waals forces: Stronger than late fortune, weaker economic strength, relatively less absorption of particulate matter in some cases, in problem gases and compounds, and in all organic and solid matter questions. This force is named after the Dutch physician Johannes Dريderek van der False, whose first objection was made in 1873 to this force between the particles in the theoretical development of the actual properties of natural gas. It is possible to distinguish the material from the aggregate that is combined with the strong if it is too late, then the solution will be reduced and it will be more plentiful than the aggregate that is supplemented by the bonds, bonds and mineral bonds. Van der Waals forces

A strong fan has been formed lately from three sources. First of all, the details of some of the materials, in spite of the fact that they are solid protection, are not always binding. Due to the fact that the distribution of carbon dioxide is based on certain components, one side of the component is always consistently to the limit and the other side is negative to the limit. It is like these two binary poles to agree with some of them to have a pure force of attraction. Second, there is the existence of particles that have permanent poles to stimulate the electromagnetic field in the form of temporary polar or non-polar particles in the latter, which adds more to the polarization. Van der Waals forces

The result is an additional force absorbed by the interaction of the binary pole with the binary pole adjacent to the adjacent. Thirdly, in the absence of details, it is a matter of time. The nature of this gravitational force is known in detail, and the mechanics are required to be accurate, first of all (1930) before the physical Bolandian fritz London, which follows the electrons entering. The London Stock Exchange is in its infancy for the moment that it is committed to a strong beacon centre for electronics with a strong beacon centre. By the way, if the electronics make the binary variable binary change over time, the average of this momentous quotient will be less than zero. It is not possible for this to be the case, but it is possible to get rid of it in the first place, but it is not possible to get rid of it in the first place. These interactions, or strengths, occur in the form of components (known as strong London, or strong), even in the form of polarity, in general. Van der Waals forces

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