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Effects of soda drink

Soda drink

Soda drink is one of the most favorite beverages of all ages, especially young people, where they eat it most of the time, especially after eating fast food and saturated with fat, where multiple flavors characterize it, and taste delicious, sweet, as it accelerates the process of digestion, which gives a sense of comfort, and refreshment , but they do damage the body, which many people are unaware of, as a result of the components we will know you in this article.


A soda drink is one of the types of carbonated drinks with low nutritional value, as it is considered the least beverage with nutritional benefit because it does not contain elements of human health such as minerals, vitamins, proteins or any other substances such as antioxidants or useful fats and the like, they are free of all while containing soda syrup Mainly high amounts of sodium bicarbonate manufactured in addition to a very high percentage of unhelpful sugars, as well as soda contains a range of acids such as vinyl acid and aspartic acid.

What is a soda drink

Soda contains a high proportion of sugars that destroy human health over time, and contains carbon dioxide that leads to the body’s problem of indigestion, and damage the yeasts in the stomach, as it contains a large proportion of caffeine, which is one of the reasons that lead to addiction to these drinks, and contains artificial sweeteners that over time cause damage to brain cells.

Harmful soda drink

Calcium depletion

Eating large amounts of soda drink drains calcium from your bones, reduces absorption, and increases the risk of osteoporosis because soda drinks contain phosphoric acid.

Gastrointestinal disorders;

Drinking too much soda leads to intestinal disorders, because it contains a high content of acids, which leads to increased erosion of its walls, and increase the incidence of disorders, and gastrointestinal infections, and therefore advised not to take it on an empty stomach; because it will cause an imbalance in the acid balance of the channel The digestive tract, making the stomach a suitable place for inflammation to occur.

Heart disease;

Drinking a pack of soda a day causes metabolic disorders, which are four symptoms: high blood pressure, weight gain, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. When three symptoms occur, a person becomes a strong candidate for cardiovascular disease.


Soda is high in sugar, and when you eat a packet, the body is unable to burn and metabolize it, paving the way for long-term diabetes.

tooth decay

The soda drink dissolves the outer layer of the teeth because it contains a high percentage of acids in its composition, which increases the probability of tooth decay twice as much as the sugars in sweets.

Liver damage

Drinking soda significantly increases the risk of cirrhosis of the liver than alcohol does.

Obesity and weight gain

Soda contains a high percentage of sugars, which leads to an increase of 500 grams per month, or six kilograms per year, by eating a box of soda drinks daily.

Harmful to pregnant women

You should avoid drinking soda during pregnancy because it leads to a pregnant woman with several health disorders such as nausea, dizziness, and permanent fatigue, and too much intake of soda drinks during pregnancy affects the secretion of hormones in the body and also affect the proportion of sugar, so women are highly vulnerable to developing diabetes.

Gastrointestinal disorders

Soda drinks contain a large percentage of acids. These acids lead to inflammation and erosion in the wall of the stomach and intestines and often develop stomach ulcers. Therefore, it is completely wrong to take soda drinks on an empty stomach because they lead to a disturbance in the balance of acid in the stomach and thus occur infections.

Stop calcium absorption

Eating a large number of soda drinks inhibits calcium absorption in the bones leading to weakness and osteoporosis, due to the high content of phosphoric acid in soda drinks.

Benefits of Soda Drink

  • Soda is used to get rid of the rust from the places to be cleaned, by submerging a cloth with soda, and then wipe the surface to be cleaned of rust.
  • Useful for cleaning toilets, by pouring a bottle of soda in the toilet, leave it for at least an hour, then wash with water.
  • It is useful to get rid of fat stains on clothes, by adding a little soda to the stains and leave it for thirty minutes.
  • Soda helps solve stomach problems such as ulcers, increased acidity, nausea, and indigestion, as it contains acids that adjust the acidity of the stomach and treat temporary disorders.
  • Soda is used to treat constipation. It works to increase the intestinal movement well and is taken in small amounts for a limited period.
  • Soda is useful in maintaining the body’s moisture, especially if it is devoid of caffeine, it is useful to provide the body with an additional amount of water.
  • Soda drink reduces appetite and gives the person a feeling of fullness and this helps to reduce the proportion of eating and thus works to reduce weight gradually.
  • Despite the rumors of carbonated beverages of their effect on the occurrence of disruption or failure in the kidneys, there are studies that suggest that drinking them from time to time is useful to prevent the formation of stones in the kidneys and bladder in addition to its ability to break up and detect it to come out with urine because it contains a compound useful jackets for this.

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